Making it Happen

J. Rose Events views all events as a unique story that will unfold into a custom experience. 
We follow a methodology that ensures ample time is spent collaborating on the vision and designing a strategic plan.
In additon to the planning, we will always have the right staff available to deliver a
perfect experience on your important day.
A successful event or meeting comes together by creating 
the right plan to deliver the perfect experience. 
Vision Development
The first step to take with any event or meeting is to define the vision.  What does the event look like?  What location or time of year will capture the feeling you are hoping to instill. 
J. Rose Events will work with you to help design your vision and ensure clarity on exactly what you are seeking for your perfect experience.  We'll go through planning questions during your initial complimentary consultation and then design all creative details to bring to your vision to life.
Strategic Planning
Now that we have the vision clearly defined, how do we get there?  This is the next, and possibly most important, step to take. A strategic plan will ensure all details are considered and thought through.  What vendors will be used?  Who will communicate details to the guests and VIP attendees? Who is the point of contact with the venue?  When will save-the-dates and invites be sent?  This part of the experience is very detailed oriented and, honestly, we love that it is!
Let J. Rose Events ensure all details are planned for your important day.
Event Production
Ok, we've created a vision and planned how to get there. Now, it's the big day!
What happens to ensure it goes as planned?  Leave it to J. Rose Events! 
Our Owner/Creative Director will be available to ensure all details are executed flawlessly from start to finish.  Experienced and enthusatic staff will assist as necessary to be sure you and your guests can focus on enjoying yourselves. It's the main event that you have been anticipating for months or even years.  We'll be sure all details are handled flawlessly.